The Swiss Evaluation Society encourages dialogue and the exchange of experience between politicians, administrations, universities and consulting firms. It is actively involved in promoting the quality of evaluations and their dissemination.


What is evaluation?

Evaluations assess government measures and other services of general interest.



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The evaluation standards of the SEVAL contribute to the professionalisation of evaluation activities in Switzerland. They formulate central principles whose observance is essential for the quality of evaluations.



The marketplace is a forum for advertising jobs and announcing tenders in the field of evaluation.



In order to promote the scientific debate on evaluation, the SEVAL has created a prize - the Prix SEVAL.


News & Events

Towards Food and Nutrition Security (14.03.–18.03.2022)

Ensuring food security and healthy nutrition for a growing population whilst respecting the earth’s planetary boundaries and coping with disasters such as COVID-​19 is an urgent and complex challenge. Yet even before the pandemic, chronic hunger and food-​related ill-​health was trending upward. How can we explain the paradox of people going hungry in a world …

Evaluation of Projects and Programmes (21.03.–25.03.2022)

The course enables participants to plan, accompany and appraise evaluation processes effectively and efficiently. It deals with different types of evaluations within the framework of development cooperation. Participants acquire the knowledge and skills to appropriately apply various methods for analyzing processes and results of development projects and programmes. The use of evaluation results in the …