Dr DPhil Marlene Läubli Loud


LAUCO Evalution and Training
Chemin de l'oratoire 9
CH-1728 Rossens

T +41(026) 411 37 80

  • Projekte
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  • Organisationen
  • Evaluationen (Meta-Evaluationen)

  • Wirkungsevaluation
  • Konzeptevaluation
  • Kontextanalyse
  • Ex-ante Evaluationen
  • Begleitende Evaluationen
  • Ex-post Evaluationen
  • Impact Assessment

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mixed method approach, adaptive management evaluation, complexity and systems analysis

Womit ich häufig arbeite

evaluative thinking, complexity and systems analysis, contribution analysis,

Was mir bei meiner Arbeit wichtig ist

systems thinking, stakeholder participation, utilisation and valorisation of evaluation results, recognising and dealing with the political challenges in evaluation work

Was ich sonst noch über mich und meine Arbeit sagen möchte

I co-edited a book with John Mayne (2014) "Enhancing Evaluation Use: Insights from Internal Evaluation Units" Sage publications to highlight the key role evaluation unit managers and staff can play in enhancing the use and value of evaluations within their organisation. I have also developed and taught courses on managing the politics of evaluation - face-to-face and online courses.


I have been in the evaluation business for many years and, on request, can happily supply details of my work assignments, interests and publications in a short CV