Dr. Emily Elsner


Elsner Research and Consulting
CH-8052 Zürich

T 0762419552

  • Projekte
  • Organisationen

  • Prozesse und Vollzug (Prozessevaluation; Vollzugsanalyse)
  • Wirkungsevaluation
  • Ex-post Evaluationen
  • Impact Assessment

Erfahrung mit Evaluation
  • Ausländer / Asylwesen
    Referenzen: 5+ years working for Capacity, a refugee and migrant start-up incubator, as evaluator and co-founder
  • Soziales / Sozialwerke
    Referenzen: 3+ years working with social innovation organisations on impact measurement
  • Umwelt
    Referenzen: 9+ years in research (BA, MSc, PhD) on non-native species, pollinator ecology, marine ecosystem restoration and other topics

Deutsch – Gute Kenntnisse
Französisch – Gute Kenntnisse
Englisch – Muttersprache


Qualitative data analysis from interviews, focus groups, surveys
Document analysis
Quantitative survey analysis
Report and other document writing (in English)
Organisational learning processes

Womit ich häufig arbeite

Theory of Change
Sustainable Development Goals
Lean Start-up methods (business model canvas, prototyping)

Was mir bei meiner Arbeit wichtig ist

I like to work for organisations committed to a sustainable, fair future for all - human and non-human. I look for passion and commitment from those I work with, and bring energy and a research-oriented mindset to all that I do. I meld entrepreneurial approaches with a use-focused methodology.

Was ich sonst noch über mich und meine Arbeit sagen möchte

I especially like to work with early-stage projects that are balancing idea development with ensuring a real-world impact, where strategic direction and entrepreneurial methods come together with evaluation and impact measurement to ensure success.