Dr. Anna Crole-Rees


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  • Prozesse und Vollzug (Prozessevaluation; Vollzugsanalyse)
  • Wirkungsevaluation

Erfahrung mit Evaluation
  • Bildung
    Referenzen: - Traineeship programme of the Swiss College of Agriculture, 2008, SDC - Research Fellow Partnerships Programme (RFPP), 2005, SDC
  • Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
    Referenzen: - coffee&climate initiative, Tanzania, 2018, HRNS - Change Course in Global Agriculture (CCGA), Senegal and Kenya, 2017, SDC - Water and Sanitation, Haiti, 2010, SDC - Young Professionals' Platform for Agricultural Research for Development (YPARD), 2009, SDC - Irish Aid in Sierra Leone, 2007, FGS - Local Development, Haiti, 2007, SDC - Trade Promotion in Central Asia, Tajikistan and Kyrgzstan, 2005, SDC - The Multipurpose Platform, Mali, 2006, UNDP - The Multipurpose Platform, Mali and Burkina Faso, 2001, UNDP - Agronomic Research Station, Mali, 2000, SFSD
  • Forschung
    Referenzen: ProfiCrops, 2014, Agroscope (agriculture, innovation)
  • Landwirtschaft
    Referenzen: See Development and Cooperation and Agriculture

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Womit ich häufig arbeite

Impact value chain
Participation and Learning
Outcome Mapping
Case studies
Economics: value chain, household economics...

Was mir bei meiner Arbeit wichtig ist

Participation des acteurs (stakeholders)
Echanges et génération de connaissances