National Evaluation Capacities Conference 2022

Venue: ITC-ILO Conference and Training Centre, Turin, Italy
Date : 25-28 October
Theme : Resilient National Evaluation Systems for Sustainable Development

Investments in building resilience must be evidence-based and targeted at the people in most need to ensure that no-one is left behind. The focus of the National Evaluation Capacities Conference 2022 is to emphasize the role of sharing progress and lessons learned in strengthening national evaluation systems, and how these systems are essential for countries to ‘build forward better’ and get back on track toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development underlines the importance of high-quality data generated at the national level to track progress towards development goals and course correct where needed, which requires strong localized evaluation systems. The experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic have only served to highlight this.

The NEC conference series is designed to offer opportunities to share experiences and learning between government officials, civil society organizations, evaluation associations, and the global evaluation community.

This year’s sessions will be organized around three intersecting strands:

•    National evaluation systems: people, processes, and systems
•    Sustainable development: people, planet, and peace; gender equality and social inclusion; climate change governance; fragility, conflict, and violence
•    Methodological innovations for a new world


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International Conference on National Evaluation Capacities