Using Agile project management to measure project’s impact – eStudy 121

Dates: June 15 and 22, 12:00 p.m. (EST)

Presenter: Marcel Chiranov, Manage for Change, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Director

Impact measurement seems to have entered quite late in the organizational culture of the entities implementing projects or programs. Understanding the impact of a program can improve the quality and the effectiveness of the respective program, and thus it is of major interest to many organizations and donors. During this period when the budgets are stretched and when more and more people are interested to “do more with less”, being able to design and implement projects with tangible impact in real life can be a substantial competitive advantage for any organization. Still there are people questioning whether impact measurement should be on the evaluators› agenda, or rather on the managers’ agenda, since they are responsible for project’s planning and implementation.

Without trying to answer this dilemma, Marcel will present a way to measure the impact of an intervention using an Agile project management approach. It is rare for the impact to be fully understood, or correctly, anticipated in the program-planning phase. Quite often this learning builds up during the implementation, based on multiple variables (stakeholders interaction and learning, positive developments in project’s environment, synergy with other economic, social, or policy initiatives, etc.). This eStudy will help you understand when, and how, to approach impact measurement. Having this understanding can make the difference between a successful project and an unsuccessful one.


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