Strategies for Behaviour Change (22.06 – 24.06.2022)

Behaviour change lies at the heart of many sustainable development interventions. Over the last 20 years, great strides have been made in understanding how people decide on the best choices for them, and what makes them act on their decisions. Integrating this knowledge into the design of policies has proven immensely effective. At the same time, failures to reproduce certain findings have called into question the usefulness of behaviourally designed policies. This course draws on theory and case studies to explore how development practitioners can apply the insights from behavioural science to their work. It equips participants with tools and frameworks for increasing the effectiveness of existing interventions and for identifying new pathways to achieve development outcomes. Participants will also develop an appreciation of ethical objections to behavioural interventions and understand the limitations of such approaches. They will reflect on the biases development professionals themselves are prone to and assess how these might be counteracted.
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NADEL ETH - Center for Development and Cooperation
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