Capacity Building in Impact Evaluation: Counterfactual and Theory Based Approaches

Does your organisation have qualified experts who are willing and able to properly manage evaluation activities?
How can you ensure high-quality evaluations?
Will evaluation results really provide the evidence required for decision-making, and help to improve policies and programmes?

This course will answer all the above questions, and specifically, will enhance your ability to design, manage and monitor the evaluations conducted by your organisation, irrespective of whether they are supported by EU funds.

What you will learn in this course:
•The two most prominent approaches to the current evaluation system: Counterfactual (also known as experimental or quasi-experimental) and theory-based
•What counterfactual approaches can and cannot do and the conditions in which they can be used
•How theory-based approaches can provide a good alternative when such conditions are not met and discuss ways in which the two approaches can be combined

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
•Evaluate the pros and cons of different evaluation tools, and select the ones that are most relevant
•Commission and manage evaluations and ensure better dissemination of the results
•Design briefs for both internal and external evaluators, interact with them smoothly, and do an efficient assessment of their work quality
•Integrate evaluation better into the policy and programming cycle so that it is actually used

Who is this course for:
•Public officials from EU Member States, candidate countries, EU institutions and Agencies Managing authorities
•Auditors, consultants, staff of NGOs, and other stakeholders involved in the management of evaluation procedures for policies, programmes, and projects
•Professionals working with European Funds

Course methodology:

The course will be led by experts who have decades of both research and practical experience in evaluation in an EU context.

There is no previous knowledge/experience required to attend this seminar, but if you do have some prior understanding, it could definitely help you get the maximum benefits out of this course.

After-course support:

You will get the slides as well as additional learning material to apply the new knowledge in your work.


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