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SEVAL courses in professional development

As one of its priority tasks, courses in evaluation professional development are organised directly by the SEVAL.  The first in the series was held in autumn 2003 and was jointly organized with the University of Fribourg, Continuing Education Department. 

The general format for SEVAL’s professional development courses is:

  • 1 2-day course per year aimed at examining the different models / approaches that can be used to respond to evaluation needs (such as Realistic Evaluation, Theory-Driven Evaluation, Democratic Evaluation, etc)
  • ad hoc courses on a topical subject such as “Evidence:  what constitutes evidence and what means are available for putting it together.”
  • The next course will be held in Fribourg, March 10-11, 2005 on the theme "Theory-Driven Evaluation: An antidote to "black-box evaluation?" For program details and registration, please click here for details.  Registration can be made on line at  www.unifr.ch/formcont

Teaching Methods : courses are designed to be interactive.  Methods include presentations, group work, case studies, discussions, etc.  Some preliminary reading will also be needed to obtain the most out of the courses.

Course Language : As international specialists will be invited to lead the evaluation approach/models course, participants will need to have a good understanding of written and spoken English, German and French.

Contact: Marlène M. Läubli Loud
Tel: 031 323 87 61
Fax: 031 322 99 00
E-mail: marlene.laeubli@bag.admin.ch

She will always be pleased to receive your suggestions / ideas / recommendations for course topics / themes.


Academic courses in evaluation at basic / advanced level

Basic, dedicated courses in evaluation  - Targeted at New Entrants to the field of evaluation

  • Particularly attractive to German speaking participants – course designed and delivered by Continuing Education Dept (KWB) University of Berne (targeted at new entry evaluators with specialist input from the fields of health, education, public administration and social welfare. Post graduate diploma course - approx 94 hours.

    Contact person: Wolfgang Bewyl
    Email: beywl@kwb.unibe.ch 
    Tel no. +41 31 631 76 69
  • Particularly attractive to French speaking participants – course designed and delivered by Institute of Higher Studies in Public Administration (IDHEAP), (targeted at new entry evaluators and evaluation commissioners in the field of public administration – Post graduate diploma course

    Contact person: Katia Horber
    Email : katia.horberpapazian@idheap.unil.ch
    Tel no. +41 21 694 06 35

Advanced level: ‚Master of Advanced Studies in Evaluation’ at the University of Berne

Starting Date: Februay 2006. Informations at: http://www.kwb.unibe.ch/lenya/kwb/live/3/32.html



Other ad hoc short courses on evaluation organised by third parties:

  • Univ. of Berne professional development course - short 3 day course (2 days plus later follow-up day) designed and delivered by KWB, University of Berne Course is targeted at practising evaluators and commissioners and is given in German language - particularly attractive therefore to German speaking participants.  No equivalent for French speaking participants

    Contact person: Andreas Balthasar
    Email balthasar@interface-politikstudien.ch 
    tel no. +41 41 412 07 12