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The evaluation standards of the Swiss Evaluation Society (SEVAL Standards) are meant to contribute to the professionalization of evaluation in Switzerland. The SEVAL Standards define the demands placed on an evaluation. They were explicitly formulated to suit evaluations of all kinds, excepting personnel evaluations.

The SEVAL Standards are addressed to all those who participate in or influence an evaluation. Thus, they are directed to evaluators as well as to evaluation commissioners, but also to other persons who support the application of these Standards.The SEVAL Standards, in their version dating from the 5th of December 2000, were adopted by the general assembly on the 4th of March 2001. They are available in German, French and English:

  English version of the SEVAL-Standards (PDF)

  Italian version of the SEVAL-Standards (PDF)

The working group on Evaluation Standards works on the further development and the diffusion of the SEVAL-Standards. The working group is, therefore, very interested to learn more about your experiences with the SEVAL-Standards.

Please get in touch with Emmanuel Sangra who will also answer your questions with respect to the SEVAL-Standards:

Emmanuel Sangra, President
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