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1. Données personelles:
Nom: Sommer
Prénom: Martin
Titre: MSc Naturwissenschaften
Position: Managing Consultant

2. Adresse professionnelle:
Institution: devolutions Ltd.
Complément 1:
Complément 2:
Rue: Untere Zelg 9
Boîte postale:
Code postal: 3145
Lieu: Niederscherli
Canton: BE
Pays: Schweiz
Tél. professionnel: 031 8492632
Fax professionnel:
E-mail: devolutions@bluewin.ch
Mobile: 079 5005761
Tél. privé:
Fax privé:
E-mail privé:
Site web 1: http://www.devolutions.ch
Site web 2:

3. Adhésion SEVAL:
Membre: membre individuel

4. Mandataires et mandants d'évaluations:
Mandataires: Oui
Mandants d'évaluations: Non

5. Expérience dans l'enseignement et dans le conseil:
Expérience dans l'enseignement: Oui
Expérience dans le conseil: Oui

6. Connaissances linguistiques
german Muttersprache
English very good
French very good
German very good
Spanish good

7. Domaines d'activité
Development Aid
Foreign Policy
Political System / Public Administration
Regional Planning
Social Affairs

8. Domaine de la santé : n'a pas d'expérience en tant qu'évaluateur/trice dans le domaine de la santé.

9. Expérience générale en évaluation
Controlling studies
Impact Analysis
Implementation Analysis
Needs Analysis
Organisational Analysis
Setting up monitoring systems

10. Types d'évaluation
Ex ante evaluation
Ex post evaluation
External evaluation
Internal evaluation
Summative evaluation
Cross Sector Analysis

11. Champs d'évaluation
Performance Evaluation
Policy Evaluation
Program / Project Evaluation
Proposal Evaluation

12. Compétences méthodologiques de récolte de données
direct observation
diverse interviewing techniques
focus groups
case study analysis
questionnaires / statistical analysis
photomonitoring / remote sensing

12. Compétences méthodologiques d'analyse de données
participatory needs assessments
development context analysis
political economy assessments
sampling techniques
spatial change analysis

13. Projets d'évaluation effectués
Thematic Cross Sector Analysis Rural Development Programmes, GIZ (June 2015)
Mandating / guidance for: Effectiveness Report on SDC/SECO climate change programmes (2014; on-going)
Policy Advisory Service for Chinese Government, Leading Group on Poverty Reduction / IPRCC on policy evaluation as part of DAC-China Study Group (April 2015)
Policy Advocacy Monitoring and Evaluation Support, Bread for all (2016/17)
Design and Development of Thematic Programmes, Fastenopfer (2016)
Operational Manual for Country Strategies, Fastenopfer (2015/16
Independent External Evaluation of the Executive Master in Development Policy and Practice 2012-2015, Graduate Institute Geneva (2014/15)
Independent External Evaluation of the Country Cooperation Strategy Fastenopfer Laos (April 2015)
Feasibility Assessment of the Integrated and Sustainable Programme on Watershed Development Karnataka (ISPWDK);(1992)
External Country Strategy Evaluation of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDSC) Country Strategy Tanzania (1991)
Facilitation of the Self Evaluation of the Water User Associations Component of the SDC-Worldbank Major Irrigation Rehabilitation Programme, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka (1990)

14. Références
Mr Jean-Marc Clavel
Head of Staff, Directorate
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC

15. Autoportrait
Independent consultant in international development cooperation and humanitarian aid. 36 years of operational, thematic and management experience in the field, of which 16 years based in countries in Asia and Latin America and 8 years of experience in development evaluation mostly for SDC (www.deza.admin.ch). Formation in science, with onward trainings in regional development, remote sensing, participatory planning and evaluation, management and leadership, organisation development. Thematic focus on sustainable natural resources, governance, political economy assessments and organisational change.