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1. Données personelles:
Nom: Urbach
Prénom: David
Position: Consultant - MCKINSEY & COMPANY, Alpenstrasse 3, 8065 Zürich

2. Adresse professionnelle:
Complément 1:
Complément 2:
Rue: Kursaalstrasse 7
Boîte postale:
Code postal: 3013
Lieu: Berne
Canton: BE
Pays: Suisse
Tél. professionnel: 079 220 50 29
Fax professionnel: 031 331 79 10
E-mail: david_urbach@mckinsey.com
Tél. privé:
Fax privé:
E-mail privé:
Site web 1: www.mckinsey.ch
Site web 2:

3. Adhésion SEVAL:
Membre: membre individuel

4. Mandataires et mandants d'évaluations:
Mandataires: Non
Mandants d'évaluations: Oui

5. Expérience dans l'enseignement et dans le conseil:
Expérience dans l'enseignement: Oui
Expérience dans le conseil: Oui

15. Autoportrait
The Swiss Science Agency is made of three organizational units : the office of the State Secretary, the federal office for education and science and the swiss space office. The Board of the federal institutes of technology is attached to the swiss science agency. The swiss science agency is headed by the State Secretary Charles Kleiber. It is responsible for the higher education and research policies at federal level, as well as the international scientific collaboration.
Within the office of the State Secretary, I am responsbile for the coordination of the research in government departments (ressortforschung), where we are currently setting up a quality-assurance system that includes systematic evaluation of research domains. Besides that I am in charge of special tasks, among which the commissioning of the evaluation of the Graduate Institute of International Studies (IUHEI) in Geneva.