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1. Données personelles:
Nom: King
Prénom: Alison
Titre: lic.rer.publ.HSG
Position: Managing Partner

2. Adresse professionnelle:
Institution: King Zollinger & Co. Advisory Services
Complément 1:
Complément 2:
Rue: Gartenstrasse 11
Boîte postale:
Code postal: 8002
Lieu: Zürich
Canton: ZH
Tél. professionnel: 0433445022
Fax professionnel:
E-mail: king@kingzollinger.ch
Mobile: 0794064033
Tél. privé:
Fax privé:
E-mail privé:
Site web 1: www.kingzollinger.ch
Site web 2:

3. Adhésion SEVAL:
Membre: membre individuel

4. Mandataires et mandants d'évaluations:
Mandataires: Oui
Mandants d'évaluations: Non

5. Expérience dans l'enseignement et dans le conseil:
Expérience dans l'enseignement: Non
Expérience dans le conseil: Oui

6. Connaissances linguistiques
French good
Italien basic

7. Domaines d'activité
Development Aid

8. Domaine de la santé : n'a pas d'expérience en tant qu'évaluateur/trice dans le domaine de la santé.

9. Expérience générale en évaluation
Evaluability Analysis
Impact Analysis
Organisational Analysis
Setting up monitoring systems

10. Types d'évaluation
External evaluation
Formative evaluation

11. Champs d'évaluation
Performance Evaluation
Policy Evaluation
Program / Project Evaluation

12. Compétences méthodologiques de récolte de données
Document review
Face-to-face & telephone interviews
Self-administered online surveys (SurveyMonkey)
Direct observation

12. Compétences méthodologiques d'analyse de données
Content analysis (Inhaltsanalyse)
Einfache statistische Auswertung

13. Projets d'évaluation effectués
March 2014: Review of CGIAR Research Programs Governance and Management
February 2013: Mid-term Evaluation of UNEP?s Medium-Term Strategy (MTS) 2010-2013
August 2012: Independent Country Evaluation UNIDO Rwanda
May 2012: Independent Thematic Evaluation of UNIDO?s Contribution to One UN Mechanisms
December 2008: UNEG Evaluation of the Pilot Initiative for Delivering as One: Evaluability Assessment of Viet Nam
December 2008: UNEG Evaluation of the Pilot Initiative for Delivering as One: Evaluability Assessment of Albania
December 2008: UNEG Evaluation of the Pilot Initiative for Delivering as One: Evaluability Assessment of Rwanda

14. Références
Ms. Margareta de Goys, Director, UNIDO Evaluation Group, Vienna (m.degoys@unido.org; +431260264773)
Ms. Demetra Arapakos, Section Chief, UN Office for Internal Oversight Services/IED, New York (arapakos@un.org; +1917367 6033)
Mr. Segbedzi Norgbey, Chief, UNEP Evaluation Office, Nairobi (segbedzi.norgbey@unep.org; +254207625580)

15. Autoportrait
Ms. Alison King, a dual citizen of the UK and Switzerland, obtained her Master?s degree in Political Science (international relations) from the University St. Gallen, Switzerland, in 1992. Alison has extensive working experience in international affairs and international development cooperation, including in developing countries. She is very familiar with the UN development system and the functioning of its inter-governmental bodies. She has substantive knowledge of and demonstrated experience in strategic planning and M&E (at project, programme and institutional levels), including ensuring consideration of gender issues. She has excellent coordination and English writing skills, as well as strong analytical and synthesis skills. Before founding King Zollinger, Alison worked for the Swiss Refugee Council (1992-1995), the UN system in India (1995-1997), the UN Development Group Office in New York (1997-1999) and the UN Development Division of SDC (1999-2003) where she represented the Swiss government in the UN General Assembly, the ECOSOC and the Executive Boards of UNICEF and UNFPA. She was also responsible for Swiss official relationships with UNIFEM. From 2008 to 2013 she was President of the National Committee for UN Women Switzerland. Alison is proficient in English and German, and feels comfortable reading and speaking in French. For work, she has traveled to Albania, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kazakhstan, Lesotho, Macedonia, Morocco, Namibia, Rwanda, Serbia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, The Gambia, and Viet Nam. Company website: www.kingzollinger.ch