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1. Données personelles:
Nom: O'Neil
Prénom: Glenn
Position: Evaluation consultant

2. Adresse professionnelle:
Institution: Owl RE
Complément 1:
Complément 2:
Rue: Ch. Martinet 2c
Boîte postale: case postale 1296
Code postal: 1291
Lieu: Commugny
Canton: VD
Pays: Suisse
Tél. professionnel: 022 776 62 13
Fax professionnel:
E-mail: oneil@owlre.com
Mobile: 076 325 6213
Tél. privé:
Fax privé:
E-mail privé: glenn.oneil@gmail.com
Site web 1: http://www.owlre.com
Site web 2: http://intelligentmeasurement.wordpress.com/

3. Adhésion SEVAL:
Membre: membre individuel

4. Mandataires et mandants d'évaluations:
Mandataires: Oui
Mandants d'évaluations: Non

5. Expérience dans l'enseignement et dans le conseil:
Expérience dans l'enseignement: Oui
Expérience dans le conseil: Oui

6. Connaissances linguistiques
English Muttersprache
English very good
French good
Italien basic

7. Domaines d'activité
Development Aid
Media / Communication
campaign evaluation, adult learning & training, event evaluation, network mapping

8a. Domaine de la santé: Expérience thématique

8b. Domaine de la santé : Expérience d'évaluation dans des domaines situés à l'interface entre le thème de la santé et d'autres thèmes

8c. Domaine de la santé: Expérience avec des groupes cibles

9. Expérience générale en évaluation
Controlling studies
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Impact Analysis
Needs Analysis
Setting up monitoring systems
website/communications audit, web metrics

10. Types d'évaluation
Ex post evaluation
External evaluation
Formative evaluation
Summative evaluation

11. Champs d'évaluation
Performance Evaluation
Policy Evaluation
Product Evaluation
Program / Project Evaluation
Proposal Evaluation

12. Compétences méthodologiques de récolte de données
focus groups
onsite observation
case studies

12. Compétences méthodologiques d'analyse de données
statistical analysis
content analysis (using atlas-ti)

13. Projets d'évaluation effectués
2008 - Fondation Hirondelle: Member of Human solutions Consulting team evaluating Radio Okapi, a joint project of Foundation Hirondelle and United Nations Mission in Congo. On-site evaluation in Kinshasa, Congo.
2008 - International Committee of the Red Cross: Member of Human Solutions Consulting team evaluating the preventive programmes (pubic information, education & communication programmes) of the ICRC in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. On-site evaluation in Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
2008 - International Committee of the Red Cross: Evaluation of the usage and impact of communication products (manuals, brochures and video).
2008 - International Electrotechnical Commission: Analysis and evaluation of main IEC website and extranet zones.
2007 - World Health Organisation: Development of evaluation framework, research tools and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data for an international evaluation of neglected tropical diseases programme.
2007 - International Committee of the Red Cross: Development of evaluation methodology for communication & education programmes.
2007 - LIFT 2007 Conference: Design and management of evaluation of international technology conference; networking mapping of participants.
2006 - Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs: Team member for evaluation of Gurtong Peace Project (South Sudan).
2006 - Family Business Network: Design and management of evaluation of annual summit.
Design and management of needs assessment of national chapters.
2006 - WWF International: Development of evaluation methodology for communication programmes; comparative study with similar organisations and creation of evaluation guidelines for communication programmes.

14. Références
Andre Boder
Education Manager
Regis Brinster
Product Manager
Charlotte Lindsey
Deputy Director of Communications
International Committee of the Red Cross

15. Autoportrait
Glenn is the founder of Owl RE and has led evaluation, research and communication projects for international organisations and companies.

Co-author of the Intelligent Measurement blog, Glenn has an Executive Masters in Communications Management from the University of Lugano and is currently undertaking a PhD in research and evaluation methodology at the Methodology Institute of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Glenn also teaches research and communications courses at the International University in Geneva.

In the decade prior, Glenn managed communication, education and training programs for the International Red Cross in Africa, Asia and Europe. Glenn is an observer member of the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (international interagency forum) and a member of the European and Swiss Evaluation Societies (professional associations).

Australian and Swiss, Glenn speaks English, French and is currently learning Italian.

More information of Glenn?s approach to evaluation can be found on his blog: