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In close collaboration with the Federal Office of Public Health's Evaluation and Research Service (formerly Evaluation Competence Centre), the SEVAL has developed a new networking and information tool in the field of evaluation: the interactive database "Evaluators": Whether you work in the private sector, in public administration, for an NGO or in a University, the database allows you

       to get your profile as an evaluator known in the evaluation community,
to search systematically for evaluators, commissioners of evaluations or research partners,
and to quickly get an overview of who is involved in evaluation in Switzerland.

For more information on entering your profile or performing a search in the database click on:
Adding your profile oder Search.

In case you encounter any problems or have any questions please contact the secretariat of the SEVAL:
E-mail: secretariat@seval.ch

The SEVAL declines any responsibility for the correctness of the information given or the quality of the services offered.

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A collaboration between the Swiss Evaluation Society and the Federal Office of Public Health's Evaluation and Research Service.