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1. Personalien:
Name: Potluka
Vorname: Oto
Titel: Dr.
Funktion: senior researcher

2. Adresse Arbeitsort:
Institution: University of Basel
Zusatzangabe 1: Center for Philanthropy Studies (CEPS)
Zusatzangabe 2:
Strasse: Steinengraben 22
PLZ: 4051
Ort: Basel
Kanton: BS
Land: Switzerland
Telefon G: +41766661160
Fax G:
E-Mail: oto.potluka@unibas.ch
Telefon P:
Fax P:
E-Mail P: oto.potluka@gmail.com
Homepage 1: https://ceps.unibas.ch/
Homepage 2:

3. Seval Mitgliedschaft:
Mitglied: Vollmitglied

4. Auftragnehmer/Auftraggeber von Evaluationen:
Auftragnehmer: Ja
Auftraggeber: Nein

5. Lehrerfahrung und Beratertätigkeit:
Lehrerfahrung: Ja
Beratertätigkeit: Ja

6. Sprachen
Fluent Muttersprache
Deutsch Gute Kenntnisse
Englisch Sehr gute Kenntnisse
Basic Grundkenntnisse
Fluent Sehr gute Kenntnisse

7. Tätigkeitsfelder
Industrie / Technik
Wirtschaft / Arbeitsmarkt

8. Gesundheitsbereich: keine Evaluationserfahrung im Gesundheitsbereich.

9. Allgemeine Evaluationserfahrung
Aufbau Monitoring

10. Evaluationsarten
Ex ante Evaluation
Ex post Evaluation
Externe Evaluation
Formative Evaluation
Summative Evaluation

11. Evaluationsfelder
Performance Evaluation
Policy Evaluation
Program / Project Evaluation
Proposal Evaluation

12. Methodenkompetenz Datenerhebung
Questionnaire survey: Data sample size calculation (statistical representativeness); adjusting questions for surveys.
Processing data from statistical offices and monitoring systems of programmes under evaluation.
Structured interviews

12. Methodenkompetenz Datenauswertung
I have applied econometric analysis in these studies:
(1) Regression discontinuity design: POTLUKA, O., BRUHA, J., VOZÁR, O., ?PACEK, M., LOUN, J. (2013). The Impacts of Subsidies on Czech Firms. Statistika, Vol. 50(4), 56?62.

(2) Instrumental variables (2SLS): POTLUKA, O., BRUHA, J., ?PACEK, M., VRBOVÁ, L. (2016). Counterfactual Impact Evaluation on EU Cohesion Policy Interventions in Training in Companies. Ekonomický casopis, 64(6), 575?595.

(3) Propensity score matching: Potluka, O., Spacek, M., & von Schnurbein, G. (2017). Impact of the EU Structural Funds on Financial Capacities of Non-profit Organizations. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations. doi: 10.1007/s11266-017-9845-1

13. Durchgeführte Evaluationen
Pilot counterfactual impact evaluation of OP HRE, measure 1.1. The evaluation uses the quantitative methods of counterfactual impact evaluation on the ESF assistance in companies in the Czech Republic. Evaluation was aimed at the impact of EU assistance on sales, employment and profit in firms. Evaluation was conducted 05/2011 ? 12/2013. Results presented also in other EU countries (Lithuania, Italy, France).
Results are accessible at: http://dm.fba.vse.cz/projects/counterfactual-impact-evaluation-of-the-op-hre/
Team leader in Evaluation of the implementation of the partnership principle in the Operational programme Human resources and employment. The evaluation was conducted on partnership principle implementation at both programme and project levels. Evaluation conducted 05/2010 ? 05/2011.
Team leader in the project Impacts of EU Cohesion Policy in Visegrad Countries. The project was aimed at comparison of impacts of EU funds in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Project implemented during 01/2010-12/2010. Results are accessible at: http://dm.fba.vse.cz/projects/impact-of-eu-cohesion-policy-in-central-europe/

14. Referenzen
Kamil Valica, DG Employment, European Commission, e-mail: Kamil.VALICA@ec.europa.eu
Vladimir Kvaca, Managing authority, Operational programme Technical assistance, Ministy of Regional Development of the Czech Republic, e-mail: vladimir.kvaca@seznam.cz , tel.: +420 224 861 111
Jirina Svitakova, Head of the Evaluation unit, Ministy of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic,e-mail: Jirina.Svitakova@mpsv.cz , tel.: +420 950 195 642, GSM: +420 724 344 816

15. Selbstdarstellung
I graduated at the University of Economics in Prague in the field of Economic Policy; I did my PhD in political science and I have been active in dozens of research projects, including cooperation within interdisciplinary teams.
I am an active member of the following professional bodies: Regional Studies Association (since 2004); European Evaluation Society (since 2009); American Evaluation Association (since 2011); Czech Evaluation Society (since 2011, member of the board since 2012) and a member of the Committee of EU of the Council of the Czech Government for non-profit non-government organisations (since 2012).