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1. Personalien:
Name: Tratschin
Vorname: Risch
Titel: M.A., M.Sc.
Funktion: Project manager Environment + Water

2. Adresse Arbeitsort:
Institution: EBP Schweiz AG
Zusatzangabe 1:
Zusatzangabe 2:
Strasse: Zollikerstrasse 65
PLZ: 8702
Ort: Zollikon
Kanton: ZH
Telefon G: +41443951165
Fax G:
E-Mail: risch.tratschin@ebp.ch
Natel: +41792983878
Telefon P:
Fax P:
E-Mail P: risch@sunrise.ch
Homepage 1: http://www.ebp.ch
Homepage 2:

3. Seval Mitgliedschaft:
Mitglied: Vollmitglied

4. Auftragnehmer/Auftraggeber von Evaluationen:
Auftragnehmer: Ja
Auftraggeber: Nein

5. Lehrerfahrung und Beratertätigkeit:
Lehrerfahrung: Nein
Beratertätigkeit: Ja

6. Sprachen
Deutsch Muttersprache
Deutsch Sehr gute Kenntnisse
Englisch Sehr gute Kenntnisse
Französisch Gute Kenntnisse
Italienisch Gute Kenntnisse
Spanisch Grundkenntnisse
Rätoromanisch Sehr gute Kenntnisse

7. Tätigkeitsfelder
Politisches System
Wasserressourcen, Wasserversorgung, öffentliche Dienste

8. Gesundheitsbereich: keine Evaluationserfahrung im Gesundheitsbereich.

9. Allgemeine Evaluationserfahrung

10. Evaluationsarten
Ex post Evaluation
Externe Evaluation

11. Evaluationsfelder
Performance Evaluation
Policy Evaluation
Program / Project Evaluation
Proposal Evaluation

12. Methodenkompetenz Datenerhebung
Interviews with individuals, personally or by phone
Focus Group discussions
Observation in the field

12. Methodenkompetenz Datenauswertung
Quantitative data analysis
Review of secondary sources with quantiative and qualitative methods

13. Durchgeführte Evaluationen
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC): Evaluation of the Project ?Developing and Scaling Up Payment in Watershed Services to Face the Global Water Crisis? (2016, lead author)
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC): Evaluation and Planning of Suizagua Andina Project Phase 2 in Peru, Chile and possibly Brazil (2016, co-author)
Federal Office for the Environment, Bern: Evaluation of the impacts and coping strategies during drought in summer and fall 2015 (2016, lead author)
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC): External Review of the Project ?Implementation of Targets under the Protocol on Water and Health in the Republic of Moldova? (2015, lead author)
Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC): Review of SDC and SECO contributions to IDB AquaFund 2011-2013 in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) (2013-2014, co-author)
Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), Bern and World Bank, Washington: Mid-Term Review of the Project Management / Technical Assistance Consultant in the Integrated Sanitation and Sewerage Project I, Egypt (2013, review team support)
Federal Office for Environment, Bern: Support for Swiss comments to GEF projects and programmes treated in the GEF council, field ?International Waters? (since 2013, co-author)

14. Referenzen
Ms Hanna Capeder, SDC, Global Water Initiative
Mr Andrej Cantemir, SDC, Swiss Cooperation Office Chisinau
Mr Cliff Hammer, SECO, WEIN

15. Selbstdarstellung
Mr. Risch Tratschin, project manager at Ernst Basler + Partner Ltd., has around 8 years of work experience and holds a M.Sc. in Water Service Man-agement from UNESCO-IHE in Delft (Netherlands), and a M.A. in Contem-porary History and Sciences of Communication from University of Fribourg. He recently completed as team leader an external evaluation of a five-year, multi-country project on scaling-up payments for watershed services financed by SDC?s Global Water Initiative. In the past few years, he contributed to a project review and recommendations report on the Suizagua Andina project for SDC, he led the external review for the Swiss Cooperation Office in Chisinau on the SDC-financed water and health project, he has co-led the Review of the Swiss contributions to the Aquafund of the Inter-American Development Bank which finances projects in the water, wastewater and solid waste sector, and he has contributed to the Mid-Term review for SECO in Egypt. Beside project evaluations, his field of expertise is integrated water management, governance of water sub-sectors with an emphasis on institutional, regulatory, socio-cultural and economic aspects as well as management of water services and providers. In a previous assignment, he managed a Disaster Risk Preparedness project in Aceh, Indonesia, between 2008 and 2010 for a large Swiss humanitarian organization.